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Clean Peak Marks Successful 2021

Clean Peak Energy's technology slashed energy demand in large commercial buildings in CT and MA this summer, setting the course for saving customers tens of thousands of dollars. STAMFORD, CT – Clean Peak Energy Group’s patented thermal-mass energy-storage technology...

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Fomo Corp. Signs Strategic Agreement with Clean Peak Energy

FOMO Corp. announced it has signed an agreement with Clean Peak Energy Group, LLC that includes a profit-sharing structure generated from projects, referred by FOMO, that adopt CPE solutions. CPE, which also provides electric supply pricing for commercial customers, will additionally enable FOMO to offer customers competitive electric supply through CPE, in States where competitive electric choice is available.

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Clean Peak Adds Patent on Power-Saving Technology

Clean Peak Energy, LLC has acquired the patent rights on the methodology enabling its thermal energy storage and power-saving technology for use in commercial buildings. The Clean Peak Energy technology provides for reduced power consumption in commercial buildings through optimum cooling procedures and the patented precooling methodology using existing air conditioning systems and the unaltered building’s thermal energy storage capability.

United States Patent No. 6860431, “Strategic-Response Control System for Regulating Air Conditioners for Economic Operation,” was awarded for the methodology of combining the precision management of commercial building cooling systems with the building’s own internal thermal storage capability. Clean Peak Energy now offers building owners and building management firms a process for the ability to reduce their peak demand and energy consumption while reducing carbon emissions without capital, construction cost or building alteration.

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Clean Peak Energy Featured in Harvard Seminar Case Study

BOSTON — Clean Peak Energy was among a select group of businesses chosen for a presentation and open discussion at the Harvard Business School’s recent week-long seminar, “Launching New Ventures: Jump-Starting Innovation for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners.”

Clean Peak Energy’s Chief Executive Officer Edward Levene was among approximately half a dozen executives selected to present their businesses out of the 60-plus participating in the seminar. Harvard Business School Professor Christopher Stanton led off the session with a brief case study on Clean Peak Power and its role in creating efficiencies in the electricity market. Levene then followed with a question-and-answer session with the audience, delving into the economics and the environmental benefits of the technology behind Clean Peak Energy.

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