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Help Curtail Electricity During Critical Periods

Earn revenue of $1,000 plus a potential $400 bonus for every 1,000 kWhs reduced during specific times identified by the state’s Emergency Load Reduction Program.

Clean Peak Energy is now offering turn-key ELRP registration and management for commercial building operators in California seeking to benefit from new incentives for targeted energy curtailment.


ELRP Requirements:

  • Registration is required
  • Participation is voluntary once registered
  • Amount of curtailment available needs to be identified
  • One test of curtailment is required
  • Curtailment periods: Daily, 1-5 hours between 4pm and 9pm,

Clean Peak’s service includes:

  • ELRP regustration of your property with the state for participation
  • Analyzation of proposed curtailment registration, using your building’s thermal mass as energy storage to enhance curtailment capacity without exceeding desired occupied temperatures.

Clean Peak Fees for Service:


If the ELRP program does not issue payments for your energy curtailment, you pay Clean Peak Energy nothing.

If the ELRP program makes payments for your energy curtailment: Clean Peak’s fee for setup and management of your ELRP participation is 50% of program payments and 40% of bonus distributed.

Term: 5 years, cancellation available annually between November 1 and December 31.

To discuss your property and how Clean Peak Energy can handle your ELRP participation, complete the form below and one of our representatives will contact you.

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