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Clean Peak Saves Chelsea Piers Stamford Tens of Thousands in Future Energy Costs

STAMFORD, CT – Clean Peak Energy Group’s patented thermal-mass energy-storage technology has positioned Chelsea Piers Stamford to save nearly $54,000 in electricity costs in the upcoming year. The system, which was used at the 400,000 square-foot facility as part of a test over the summer, dramatically reduced electricity used during the region’s system peak load period. As a result, the facility’s cost of electricity has been slashed for the subsequent year.

During the 2021 energy system peak load period, which in New England occurred on June 29 between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm, Clean Peak Energy’s technology enabled the operators of Chelsea Piers Stamford to reduce electricity demand by 772 kW compared to the previous pre-Covid peak load period in 2019. Clean Peak’s system enabled the facility to curtail demand during this critical period while maintaining a targeted interior temperature range, resulting in a potential savings of nearly $54,000 in electricity costs for the upcoming year.

Chelsea Piers Stamford
Chelsea Piers Stamford is positioned to save nearly $54,000 in electricity costs in 2022 using Clean Peak’s patented thermal-storage technology.

In New England, as in many regions in the U.S., electricity costs are based in part on projected demand capacity requirements. The installed capacity, and its cost allocation to customers in New England and in New York, is calculated based on electricity customers’ demand during the one hour when electricity demand reaches its peak for the year.

By identifying this peak demand period in advance utilizing Clean Peak Energy’s thermal energy storage services and curtailing electricity use during this one-hour period, electricity customers can reduce the demand-capacity portion of their electricity supply for the next 12 months.

Chelsea Piers Stamford Curtailment
Chelsea Piers Stamford was able to dramatically curtail its electricity demand during the critical peak-demand hour, or ICAP hour, for 2021. Clean Peak’s technology resulted in a dramatic reduction in demand at the facility when compared to previous years.

Clean Peak’s system, which uses the building’s mass as a means of thermal energy storage, requires no construction, permitting or equipment space. In each of these locations, the technology was deployed with no alterations to the buildings. For more information on Clean Peak’s technology, visit:

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